Light Artist & Collaborator


Raised with an affinity to question everything and to take nothing for granted. A proud New Yorker and now a proud Baltimorean.

It is a goal of mine to be a collaborative and creative story teller which can hopefully also be a catalyst to inspire others to find their stories in life. Building community and igniting people to follow their passions; all through art and conversation and whatever else may come of it all. 

I work predominantly as lighting designer for the stage and as an educator but have been known to dabble in film, production management and studio light art.

Being a Naturalist and having a passion for social justice helps to inform my work and shape my design aesthetic. Not being shy about human equality is something I have felt strongly about for a long time and anything that is a passion for someone can't help but become a part of their life's work as well.

Appreciation of small everyday events in life and constant interaction with the world around me, has pushed an excitement to create and discover in my personal life as well as through teaching. I strive to always stay open to the possibility of a new direction in order to learn and develop my personal ideas and passions.

Tele. 716-713-9472